About us

We are dedicated to the design and implementation of Information Systems based on Web Technology.


Customer satisfaction is our greatest asset and we see technology as a means to provide solutions to our customers' challenges.

Indaba, as part of the LKS Next group, LKS Next group, adopts the "ContinuosNEXT" strategy, aware that only through constant innovation is it able to offer value to its customers.

Through open source technology and solutions, we believe that we have the capacity to help our clients' digital transformation processes in an efficient and agile way.

Being part of the LKS Next group allows us to share experiences, knowledge, technology,... and always offer our customers the best possible solution. possible solution.

Business lines

Web application development

  • Flexible and scalable implementations
  • Standards-based development avoiding dependence on suppliers
  • Multi-platform solutions

Mobile technology applications

  • Consultancy specialising in apps and enterprise/industrial mobility strategies.
  • Development of native Android applications, hybrid and webapps.
  • Application design and UX/UI usability consultancy.

Embedded systems

  • Yocto Project for the creation of customised Linux-based systems.
  • Solutions with remote updates
  • Use-oriented system design


  • BigData, IoT, ...
  • Hardware technology skills
  • Data Collection and Exploitation
  • Bussiness Inteligent solutions: Elasticsearch, Kibana...

Open Source contributions

  • Lamassu IoT: A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Internet of Things (IoT) designed to run on both commodity hardware and cloud infrastructure.
  • CouchDB relax: Seamless multi-master sync, that with an Intuitive HTTP/JSON API and designed for Reliability.
  • Cloudant Sync - Android Datastore: A JSON-based document datastore for Android applications.
  • tusd: Reference server implementation in Go of tus: the open protocol for resumable file uploads.
  • tus JAVA client: The tus client for Java.